January 20, 2011

Sue sylvester (GLEE)

Film dengan konsep musikal, sempat muncul belakang ini. Film teranyar dan tergokil yang baru-baru ini menyedot perhatian yakni GLEE. Dibalik serentetan crita dan karakter yg kuat dari masing-masing tokoh. Satu the glee club's "arch-nemesis" hanya Sue Sylvester,ibarat Jengis khan di mongol, Sue muncul dengan pesona dan aura mematikan (deadly) demi victorious. Ternyata diintip-intip, komentar doski juga mengemparkan dunia persiletan (silet fenny rose lewat dah). simak-simak yak.

* I need a bazooka. These crows are annoying the hell out of me.
* Just learned that a titmouse is a) not a mouse and b) doesn't have breasts. That's misleading.
* Keep your head down Prince Charles. I admire your antiquated government structure...
* I was pretty sure "culottes" were island cocktails.
* I don't give thanks. I get thanks.
* I just sold the film rights to my life for $16 million. The buyer? Myself.

and many more his warble, sound like old lady with low separation pay. hohoho.

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